Data masking: what you need to know

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10 septiembre, 2017
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Data masking: what you need to know

Data is the main source why an organization always keep all the past, present and future information in one place. Generally the security of an enterprise is totally dependable on data present in it. So loss of these data can create a big problem to the organization in the world market. Therefore, database hiding and protection is very essential to run an organization in this spirited world. Data masking is a method of producing a structurally comparable and implausible version of an enterprise’s information which is useful for user training and data testing.  Due to this the original data can be safe for functional substitute.

Data masking is a process in which the format of data remains same but the values always to be modified. It also includes data encryption, character substitution and character shuffling. For reverse engineering, the value should be changed in different ways.  We can find oracle like famous vendors in world market. For example it assists in storage of data like bank accounts, saving accounts, medical intervention etc. There are so many useful software required to prevent data manipulation which are playing vital role in data theft protection. This is having 2 types as per their requirement. One is dynamic and another one is persistent.

We have to know the features before using these data mask processes. The features for dynamic are as follows.

  • Real-time masking and blocking
  • Versatile and non-intrusive to database
  • Many policies for real-time database security and monitoring
  • Incorporation with authentic software

In this masking process, we will get high performance in masking process. It generates masked development for data privacy. There are many software like active directory, LDAP, identity access management are using for data assessment. Another data mask process is called persistent process in which we keep the process optimal by testing and training copies. There are so many features we have discussed below.

  • For various applications, we need scalable information masking.
  • Comprehensive support for masking
  • Comprehensive set of program accelerators
  • Large area covered connectivity and support for application customization

In these days, every enterprises deal with online business to increase their marketing in all over the world. So leakage of data can be possible while doing online business. Important contents like account numbers, bank statements, contacts etc. can only be safe by the help of data security. By the help of this we can protect our company details from online theft or fraud. Some data files can be corrupt by hackers, virus. Due to this we require security of data. The simple and common thing to safe data files to keep personal computers in password protected mode. Some antivirus software will protect your data storage in your system. If you are protecting your PC with password then your password should be the combination of letters and numbers which is a little bit difficult. Data protection may be useful by hiding or encrypting data in your system but there is a chance of data loss.

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